Responding to non-fatal strangulation, sexual choking acquired brain injury

Guidelines: Responding to non-fatal strangulation, sexual choking and acquired brain injury

These Guidelines are designed to improve responses to women with experiences of non-fatal strangulation, sexual choking and acquired brain injury. They were created by Women’s Health NSW to support our network of women’s health centres across NSW to develop their own organisational protocol and referral pathways for responding to women who have experienced non-fatal strangulation,…


It Left No Marks postcard, poster and wallet card

Want to tell women accessing your service about It Left No Marks? This is a series of print-ready promotional resources designed to connect women to this Women’s Health NSW website and the information it contains about strangulation and sexual choking. Each of these print-ready PDFs resources are presented in CMYK with bleed and crop marks…


Medical referral template to support women’s self-advocacy

This medical referral template was designed to support women’s self-advocacy with general practitioners when seeking medical assessment following non-fatal strangulation (NFS) and acquired brain injury (ABI). It will be useful to women’s health centres and other non-government organisations (NGOs) where women present after NFS and ABI in the context of sexual violence and require support…

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