Want to tell women accessing your service about It Left No Marks? This is a series of print-ready promotional resources designed to connect women to this Women’s Health NSW website and the information it contains about strangulation and sexual choking.

Each of these print-ready PDFs resources are presented in CMYK with bleed and crop marks ready to be sent to a printer. At the bottom of this page you will find:

  1. Poster: A poster designed for reception areas that asks women, ‘Was pressure applied to your neck or were you held in a way that made it hard to breathe… even during sex?’ It connects the women to this website with a QR code and website address.
  2. Postcard: A discreet postcard that contains the website address and a QR code plus a list of women’s health centres across NSW.
  3. Wallet card: A discreet wallet card that contains the website address and a QR code only.

The wallet card and postcard may also be of use when contacting service providers and healthcare professionals to be part of a referral pathway.

Downloads (click on the images below)

Download Poster

Download Postcard

Download Wallet card